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Powder Coating Price List

Prices are based on single stage colors. Clear coat is REQUIRED over all chromes, metallics, silvers, and certain other colors. Clear coating of any part adds 50% to the price. Multi-stage coatings add 50% per stage.

Parts are to be disassembled by customer and free from any plastic, rubber, bearings, excessive dirt, oil, and grease. Any parts not disassembled will be subject to hourly shop rate.

Cast parts such as aluminum as well as clad items such as chrome plated parts may experience “out gassing” which is bubbles in the powder coating caused by gasses escaping the part during curing in the oven. We will take every precaution to avoid this but we cannot be held responsible for any bubbling caused by porous castings or clad items. 

NOTE: A $50 dollar deposit is due on most parts when dropping off.

If your item is not listed in our price lists please let us know what you have and we will work with you to get the job done.

Automotive Parts:

Air Cleaner Lid


Air Cleaner Base


Brake Caliper


Brake Caliper Bracket


Coil Spring


Valve Cover v6-v8


Valve Cover 4cyl


Snowmobile Parts:

Front A-Arms (Set of 4 pieces)


Front Spindles pr.


Rear Skid Rails pr. (MAX length of 50”)


Front or Rear Bumper ea.


Ski Brackets pr.


Front Shock Springs pr.