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Polishing Price List

All prices are approximate and the actual cost may be higher or lower depending on the individual piece and the amount of work needed to finish it correctly. We need to see the part before we give you a final price. We offer package pricing!


M/C wheels

$100.00 up

Aluminum Frames

$350.00 up

Aluminum Frames w/subframes

$450.00 up


$50.00 up

Float bowls and Caps

$20.00 up

Fork Tubes

$75.00 up

Triple Trees

$40.00 up


Auto Wheels (1 side up to 18")

$75.00 up                      (minor curb rash can be repaired)

Auto Intake Manifolds

$100.00 up

Auto Throttle Bodies

$65.00 up

Valve Covers

$75.00 up


Slide Rails

$60.00 up


$150.00 up

***Please remember that these are all estimates. Depending on the difficulty and the size of your piece, the price may increase or decrease accordingly. We are upfront about our pricing but hand work may cause the prices to vary. A flat dished wheel is a lot easier to polish than a spoked wheel. Your cast part may be rougher than normal. All prices are estimates and may vary due to excess time involoved in the sanding process. But once we see the part and give you a quote it is not going to change***

Please give us a call or enter your contact information on our contact page if you are interested in our polishing service and we will get right back to you!

We are located in Brinston, ON but do plenty of our work through the package services. i.e. UPS, FedEx, USPS etc. Call now for a quote!